My Passion is helping people...

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Standing Team

My Personal Mission

… is to be happy and healthy, and make a positive difference in the lives of everyone with whom I interact.

I balance my family with work – since both are important to me.  I am honest with myself and others.  I keep commitments with others and to myself.  I lead a healthy lifestyle through proper diet and regular exercise.

I presume innocence with others, and actively seek first to understand before being understood.  I create a motivating teamwork environment that brings out the best in others.  I help others grow by giving positive and constructive feedback.  I take time to thank God for all the gifts with which I am blessed.

Above all, I always keep in mind that without my family, faith and health, I will never truly be successful and happy.

(But it wasn’t always like this! I invite you to read My "I Story" to find out WHY I became so passionate about having a balanced life, and about helping OTHERS realize greater career AND LIFE satisfaction.)

My Leadership Platform

… is to coach people to help them go places (higher levels of performance or career direction) they wouldn’t go without my leadership or influence.  In fact, my favorite quote is:

“An EFFECTIVE LEADER is someone who you will choose to follow to a place you would not go by yourself.”  -- Joel Barker