Dr. Stacey Boyle, Ph.D. 

Stacey is the Chief People Planner at Smarter People Planning, where she helps customers realize the value of their human capital. She has extensive experience in strategic consulting, program and product evaluation, assessment, measurement, and product development. Stacey and I are co-authoring an upcoming book that merges our professional and academic backgrounds to create a strategic leadership model. The book will cover everything from motivating teams and navigating politics to making strategic decisions using a simplified approach to evaluation.

Gina Campbell, M.Ed., CCF, CAPF 

Gina provides Clean Language coaching and training sessions for personal growth and development through Mining Your Metaphors. She is the author of three books about Clean Language and Symbolic Modeling, which is a therapeutic process that uses the client's own metaphors and language rather than bringing the therapist or coach's pre-existing experiences into the process. Gina and I are co-presenters on the topic of Clean Language and run the Clean Language for Coaches Resource Center. I bring the coaching and business background, which dovetails with her deep knowledge and expertise about symbolic modeling and metaphors. The combination of our backgrounds and skillsets makes us a great team to deliver training geared toward coaches and healing experts.